BLUEcloud Analytics Password Changes, Nov 10 2021

Last updated Nov 3, 2021 · Maintained by Steven Schlewitt

As a part of SWAN's ongoing security initiative, we're pushing new, more secure passwords for the library-generic BLUEcloud Analytics accounts.

Beginning next Wednesday, November 10th, you'll need to login to your library-generic BLUEcloud Analytics account using the new password provided by SWAN. Your current default password for BLUEcloud will no longer function.

These new passwords are available now on the WorkFlows, SIP2, and Aspen Logins page assigned to your library, however they can only be accessed and distributed by your library director and designated library staff. If you are unable to access the logins page, please check with your library director for more information. Please also note that these new passwords will not be active until November 10th.

While this change will not affect any subscribed reports that you receive via email nor will it affect library staff with unique, staff-specific logins to BLUEcloud, we do want to move all individual accounts to a library-use account. This single account allows library administrators to control access with a consolidation of schedules and shared reports. If you need assistance consolidating those individual accounts, please submit a help ticket.

For directors and management staff, this is a good opportunity to review which staff should have permission to your library's generic BLUEcloud Analytics login. Remember that the BLUEcloud Analytics tool provides access to various reports on patron data and statistics. It should not be widely accessible by all library staff.

If you encounter any issues on November 10th using your new password or have any questions, please submit a ticket to SWAN by emailing