Aspen 22.07 Release

July 13, 2022 - 8:00am, by Tara Wood

The Aspen 22.07 release is now live. This release includes:

Closed captions icon

Movie records will now display a closed caption icon for records that include the subject heading "Video recordings for the hearing impaired".

The icon will appear at the top of an individual record detail page and in the Physical Description area under Show Editions in a grouped work.

closed caption icon in search results, on the third record in the group.

closed caption icon next to the title in a record detail page.

Note that a grouped work contains multiple records, so some records in a group may have closed captioning while others don't. For this reason, the icon will not appear at the grouped work level, so that patrons can clearly place a hold on the specific record that offers closed captions.

Xbox Series X format

You will now see a format and format filter for Xbox Series X games.

xbox series x format option on search results.

Additional MARC fields in indexing

With this release, SWAN can designate additional MARC fields to be searchable in the keyword index. This will allow us to more reliably search the title control number in the 901 field as well as deprecated subject headings in the 903 field.

Note that these new searchable fields require a settings change and an overnight index, so they will be available to search tomorrow (July 14th).

Browse category layout options

You can now choose between a masonry view ("Pinterest style") or a grid view.

You can also choose to display large images, however be aware that our image provider, Syndetics, does not have high resolution images for every title. If you select the large image option, you will sometimes see "fuzzy" low resolution covers, which is more common for movies.

To change these settings, the OPAC Administrator for your library can edit your theme, under the Aspen Administration > Themes > Browse Categories accordion option.

View the full release notes.