Aspen 22.11 Release

November 16, 2022 - 7:53am, by Tara Wood

The Aspen 22.11 release is now live. Highlights for this release include:

Export to Excel improvements

You can now export lists to Excel, which several SWAN member libraries have requested. The export to Excel features for search results and purchase suggestions have also been enhanced, including previously missing fields.

List options in Aspen with Export List to Excel option.

Search result interface change

Call number now displays in a column with location information. This provides a cleaner display and better mobile experience for search results.

search result in Aspen discover showing the library, location, and call number.

PIN reset changes

With this release, when a patron changes their PIN they will be prompted to re-authenticate and any other open sessions will be closed. This ensures that a patron will not stay logged in in other browsers once they've reset their PIN.


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