Aspen 23.01 Release

January 18, 2023 - 8:07am, by Tara Wood

The Aspen 23.01 release is now live. Highlights for this release include:

Aspen now updates charge history rule settings in Symphony

When a patron updates their checkout history in Aspen, Aspen will now update the Charge history rule settings in Symphony to either ALLCHARGES or NOHISTORY. For example, if a patron turns off checkout history in Aspen, Symphony will update their Charge history rule to NOHISTORY and their checkouts will no longer be recorded in either Aspen or Symphony.

Linked accounts messaging on the My Account dashboard

The account dashboard now displays a prominent message informing users of accounts linked to them.


Full width administration pages

For those catalogs will a full width header and footer enabled (turned on by default with 22.10 release), administration pages will now also display full width. This will especially help with pages with large tables, such as the Browse Category administration page.

Override for Novelist assigned series information

Administrators with cataloging function permissions in Aspen can now update the series information for a grouped work, overriding any automatically assigned series information from Novelist. This will help in situations where Novelist has mislabled the series or incorrectly assigned the number in a series (e.g. the third book).

Website indexing using sitemaps

If libraries wish to include their website content in Aspen, they can now do so by submitting an XML sitemap.


This release also included a major PHP update.

View the full release notes.