Addison Public Library seeking approval to join SWAN

January 23, 2023 - 11:20am, by Aaron Skog

Addison Public Library has requested to join SWAN, and the vote for approval will take place Monday, January 23rd through February 20th via electronic ballot. The addition of a full member library to the SWAN consortium requires 2/3 membership approval.

The SWAN Board recommends approval of Addison Public Library for membership, and has issued an Impact Study about the benefits to SWAN member libraries.

SWAN Board Recommendation & Impact Study

Access the Impact Study

Libraries in SWAN have 1 vote to be cast by the designated representative of the library, which is the library director, or a designee. The electronic ballot will be sent out January 23rd directly to library directors via email. There will be updates sent out to the full membership email list via SWANcom announcing the opening of the ballot and to remind designated voters to participate.