Online Course Offerings Expanded

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (04/02/2021 - 08:38) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (04/02/2021 - 09:03)

Two additional online courses designed for self-paced learning with interactive exercises have been launched. These are great introductory courses for new staff, as well as reminders and reinforcement for anyone involved in cataloging and circulation.

Thanks to Claudia Nickson, Bibliographic Services Consultant, and Crystal Vela, User Experience Consultant, for their continued commitment to learning - and making it fun along the way.

Cataloging and Serials


Each course includes a course companion guide which captures the core content. The online courses present this core content, along with - embedded videos, simulations, and reinforcement exercises. 

All SWAN training and tutorial resources are available under Meetings & Trainings > Tutorials & Training Resources on the SWAN Support Site. Be sure to log in with your L2 account to access all SWAN member content, including these training resources.