Strategic Objectives

Last updated Aug 3, 2020 · Maintained by Aaron Skog

This plan is intended as a guide for the SWAN Board and Executive Director over the five years between 2019 – 2023. A tactical plan will be updated each year.

Purposes of this Strategic Plan

  1. Sets high level strategic objectives (where you are trying to go)
  2. Articulates the underlying rationale (why you are trying to go there)
  3. Establishes agreed upon markers (how you will know you are making progress)
  4. Provides guiding principles for execution (what is the right path)


Defines how decisions are made, the problem in society the organization is trying to solve, and what is the organization’s solution.

Develop a Shared and Accurate Diagnosis of Member Dissatisfaction Around the Existing ILS and OPAC (Staff Interface and Online Catalog).

Deliver on the Solutions that Can Be Readily Implemented, While Focusing on Long Term Solutions.

Reconstitute as a Mission Driven 501c3 with Clear Representative Governance Practices.

Increase Presence of the Patron Perspective.

Strengthen the Collective Identity.

Seek External Funding Options to Support the Research & Development Initiatives of SWAN.

The goals based on the six strategic objectives for SWAN are updated each year.