Your Action Required: Removal of 90-Days Expired Temporary Online Cards on 9/1/2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SWAN had suspended a process to purge expired temporary online cards in order to provide online-registered patrons with additional time to verify those cards with library staff. Now that many libraries have reopened and online-registered patrons have the opportunity to work with library staff to confirm their registration information, we are moving forward with the regularly scheduled purge of these temporary online accounts, which will begin September 1st.

As a refresher, patrons registering using SWAN's Online Patron Registration tool are provided a temporary card with access only to online/electronic resources that is valid for 90-days. If desired, patrons can work with library staff to have these temporary cards either converted to a full-access card or extended for an indefinite period for online access only. The process we are reinstating will remove the temporary cards older than 90-days that have not been confirmed or extended by library staff.

Prior to September 1st, your library has two options:

  • Option 1: Review the list of those expired cards for your library using the BLUEcloud Analytics report, List Expired ONLINE Users. Then follow-up with those patrons to confirm their card using the steps noted in our Online Patron Registration documentation.
  • Option 2: Leave the temporary, expired cards as-is and if they expired more than 90 days ago, they will be removed automatically on September 1st.

Following September 1st, we will resume the regular purge of 90-day expired temporary cards.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing