SWAN Patron Lookup Tool for Non-SWAN Libraries

Non-SWAN libraries, use this tool to look up a SWAN patron to register as a reciprocal borrower.

Enter the SWAN-provided username and password in the login fields. To request login credentials, please send an email to help@swanlibraries.net with the subject "Patron lookup account request" and provide contact information.


Patron Search

Verifying SWAN patrons for reciprocal borrowing

This tool is provided to Illinois libraries who wish to verify SWAN patron status prior to issuing reciprocal borrowing access. For SWAN members in good standing, please grant 1 year of privilege or the home library's expiration date: whichever is less. Thank you for helping us keep records up-to-date.

Accessing the SWAN reciprocal borrower patron lookup tool

To access the SWAN Reciprocal Borrower Lookup Tool, you must request login credentials from SWAN. Send email to help@swanlibraries.net with the subject “Patron lookup account request.” Provide the following information:

  • Library Name
  • Link to Library in L2
  • Contact Person Name
  • Phone Number for Verification
  • Email Address for Follow-up

Using L2, we will assign a Username for access which matches your Library Control Number and create a randomized password. This account information will be shared in a follow-up phone call.

Once the account is created, the tool can be accessed at: https://support.swanlibraries.net/help/reciprocal-borrower-patron-lookup

  1. Enter your Username and Password to authenticate.
  2. Enter the barcode of the patron from their SWAN home library.
  3. Click Submit.


Interpreting results

Based on status, expiration date, library type, and fines/fees owed, these possible indicators will be returned:

reciprocal-borrower-patron-SWAN-003.png Patron is in good standing and library card has not expired.
reciprocal-borrower-patron-SWAN-004.png Patron should not be allowed reciprocal borrowing privileges. Either the library card has expired, or they are blocked/barred or delinquent.
reciprocal-borrower-patron-SWAN-005.png Patron is in good standing at their home library, however the amount of fines/fees owed exceeds $10. If the library providing reciprocal access has a limit on fines/fees they can direct this patron to their home library to pay fines/fees prior to issuing reciprocal borrowing access.
reciprocal-borrower-patron-SWAN-006.png The patron has provided a library card for an academic, school, or special library. Staff should ask them if they have their public library card. Reciprocal Borrowing library cards should only be honored between public libraries.


  1. Patron is in good standing.
  2. Patron is in good standing, and card expiration date = NEVER.
  3. Patron is in good standing, but card is issued from an academic, school, or special library.
  4. Patron's account expired and from a special library (symbol indicates non-public library).
  5. Patron's account expiration date = NEVER, but they are blocked for some other reason.
  6. Patron is is good standing at home library, but owes > $10.