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New 19 Migration

Retirement of old LINC/MAGIC Enterprise catalogs on 7/18

New 19 Member Library Staff:

Please be aware, SirsiDynix has begun the process of terminating Enterprise services for the previous LINC/MAGIC patron catalogs. As these catalogs no longer reference your current SWAN data, this should not pose a problem, but it’s helpful to note in the event that you receive any patron questions. This retirement could potentially impact any stale links on your library website that were directly referencing materials or searches that pointed to the old Enterprise catalogs. Additionally, there’s the potential for stale browser bookmarks that are still being referenced by patrons or staff.

The retirement of these catalogs will not impact your current SWAN Enterprise catalog profiles in any way. If you have any questions about this retirement or come across any issues, please let us know by emailing

Thank you.

Enterprise Issues Related to Deduplication

SWAN Libraries—

Two Enterprise issues have appeared since the deduplication and rebuild have completed: 

  1. Many items in My List are no longer showing data
  2. Permalinks are no longer linking properly

Though we will continue to determine the extent and cause of these issues, we are uncertain if a fix is possible. Please be aware that any permalinks used on your websites will likely need to be updated and patrons alerted to the potential loss of items in their Enterprise My Lists. 

We will provide updates via the support site, if applicable. Any questions should be directed to the SWAN Help Desk (

Deduplication Process and Key Dates

SWAN Libraries –

The bibliographic deduplicaton process is beginning tomorrow, May 18th. The process has many steps that will take place behind the scenes until a database rebuild occurs on Memorial Day, May 28th. This will have some impact on library operations. Here are the dates you need to know:

  • May 18th through May 26th – During this time, do not merge records, delete items, or manually edit title control numbers. Any changes to title control numbers brought about by these actions can disrupt the deduplication process. Other cataloging operations (adds, overlays, and edits) can proceed as normal. Please note that any records added to the database after today will not be a part of the deduplication process.
    • Discards – You may still charge items to your discard users at any time during this process. Convert Discard reports will continue to run as scheduled on Saturdays, but we have suspended the Remove Discard report running this Saturday, May 19th. The May 26th Remove Discard report will be the next instance to run.
  • May 24th & 25th (Thursday-Friday) – Our nightly indexing process will not run on these dates. Any changes made to the bibliographic database may not be reflected in WorkFlows until the Memorial Day rebuild. Enterprise will remain up-to-date.
  • May 26th & 27th (Saturday-Sunday) – These dates require a full cataloging and acquisitions freeze. Please do not make changes to the bibliographic or item database on these dates or perform acquisitions functions on these dates.
  • May 27th 6:15 PM through May 28th (Sunday-Monday, Memorial Day) – System will be offline for a complete rebuild of cataloging index.
  • May 29th – Resume normal operations, catalog will reflect deduplication

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Process Clean Hold Shelf before Searching/Processing Pull List

We have gotten a number of reports about items on your Onshelf Items with Holds lists with a current location of HOLDS and INTRANSIT.  


One of the known causes of this is failing to fully process your Clean Hold Shelf report. These items are waiting for you to trap the hold for the next patron at your library. Please make sure you fully process your Clean Hold Shelf reports before moving on to searching for items on the On Shelf Items with Holds (Pull List).


New 19 Enterprise Holds Issue Workaround

SWAN Libraries—

Our New 19 libraries have been inundated with holds, as many current SWAN patrons are placing holds on the LINC and MAGIC records that often have fewer holds (Saint Charles reportedly had 1600 items on their holds list). And as you know, patrons are seeing 3 times as many search results for items as there are separate records for SWAN, LINC, and MAGIC items, which makes for a frustrating search experience. To help remedy these issues, we have implemented a search limit that will exclude the New 19 libraries from other SWAN libraries. New 19 Enterprise profiles will continue to display the results for all 97 libraries to ensure their patrons continue to see their items. The limit will go away after deduplication.  

It’s a ‘behind the scenes’ limit so patrons shouldn’t notice anything except the items are duplicated anymore. This update will not affect URLs or break your library website search boxes or links to the catalog  you have set up. The limit to exclude new 19 will still be applied, but any other limits or filters you’ve set will be applied as expected.

Questions should be submitted to the help desk ( 

ALL SWAN: Full Cataloging Freeze Sunday

SWAN Libraries—

On Sunday, May 6, we will be instating a full cataloging freeze for ALL SWAN LIBRARIES to correct a data load issue with LINC call numbers. Please do not perform any of the following actions or use the following wizards on Sunday:

  • Adding/Editing items
  • Creating/Overlaying bib records and pre-cats (neither manually, using Load Bibs Report, nor SmartPort)
  • Manually deleting items (Charging to DISCARD users is okay)
  • Global Item Modification Wizard
  • Transfers Wizard
  • Load Bibs with Order Info Report
  • Add Ordered Items wizard
  • Add Brief Title wizard (ILLs)

Any changes made will not be indexed until the full system rebuild later this month, so it is imperative you adhere to the freeze. We will send a reminder and more information as necessary.

Go-Live Updates and Issues Log

As of May 8, all major/consortium-wide migration data issues have been resolved. There will be some manual cleanup necessary by SWAN staff, along with a couple of minor data issues in LINC we hope to fix by the end of this week. Many thanks to all SWAN libraries for the support last week, along with responsiveness by New 19 library staff to help us fix the holds issues. To review the list of major issues, click "READ MORE".

Please continue to submit you support needs to the SWAN Help Desk via email or the OTRS portal. 

Upload Offline Transactions

Upload Offline Transactions at End of Day - Monday 4/30

Before you close tonight, do not forget to connect to the SWAN server to upload your offline transactions. We will be processing these transactions tonight. Regardless of your library closing time, please connect to the live server to send these transactions files for processing. Remember this needs to be done on every workstation which processed offline transactions. Access for uploading these offline transactions will be restored at 6:00 PM Monday, 4/30. 

Data Extract Counts for New 19

We thought it would be interesting to share some of the totals from the data extracted:

MAGIC Counts (11 Libraries)
83,420 users
53,781 bills
68,931 active charges
382,597 bib records
721,651 item records

LINC Counts (8 Libraries)
161,950 users
230,172 bills
151,454 active charges
573,871 bib records
1,280,651 item records

4/30 UPDATE: For Current 78 SWAN Libraries

4/30/2018 - Migration Weekend Update

As we head into migration weekend, we want to provide a succinct recap of offline for current SWAN libraries:

  • Most importantly, Offline for current SWAN libraries is today, Monday, April 30
  • During this time, Symphony will be inaccessible, and all SWAN libraries will operate in Offline mode
  • You will be unable to perform any database functions other than Offline Circulation
  • Use our Patron Lookup Tool to search patrons during this time
  • Some Enterprise functions will be unavailable during this time (see below)
  • BLUEcloud Analytics harvests will be suspended until May 2, so be aware that your statistics for this weekend will be incorrect until the harvests catch up
  • We will send the "all-clear" via SWANcom