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New 19 Migration

Q&A Sessions for New 19 Migration Info, All are Welcome


You know that there are New 19 libraries migrating to may even be one of them. But do you feel like you're ready for the go-live in 2018? Do you know when the go-live is? SWAN has been preparing a number of ways to keep the membership and new libraries informed about the migration process, including a newsletter, content on our support site, visits to libraries, and now we're including Q&A sessions. Bring every query or comment you have, or that staff have been wondering, and we'll give you answers and explanations.

Any staff are welcomt to join one or all of these Q&A sessions. An agenda will loosely be based on the following topics: a timeline dive, testing prep and communications for testing procedures, the full migration training schedule, task forces, as well as an open question and answer session. Find out more event info using the L2 links below:

Wednesday, November 1 at 9:30 a.m. in the RAILS Burr Ridge Meeting Room:

Wednesday, January 10:

Wednesday, March 7:

Wednesday, April 4:

*Updated* New 19 Migration Memo: Policy Loads Scheduled for Oct 23 and Oct 30

Update: The policy load has completed as expected. The next policy load is scheduled for Monday, October 30th, from 4:00am–7:00am.

SWAN Library Staff—

We are nearing our first New 19 Migration Project Milestone! On Monday, October 23rd and Monday, October 30th from 4:00am–7:00am, SirsiDynix will be adding new library policies to SWAN's production server. While there is no downtime associated with this work, our policy loader will be performing a series of HIRs to complete the process. During this time, anyone logged into WorkFlows will be kicked off of the server as the system refreshes. We ask that you refrain from using WorkFlows during this time, but if you must be logged in, be aware that you may lose connectivity and will need to re-establish your connection to the server if you are logged out. This work will conclude by 7:00am on both days and we will send confirmation when the work is completed.

New 19 Migration Task: Updating L2 Account Information

LINC and MAGIC Libraries—

This month, SWAN staff will be sending a large batch file to SirsiDynix to create BLUEcloud Analytics logins for New 19 library staff. These accounts will be created using information pulled from L2, so it is imperative your L2 information is up to date. Use the attached PDF document to update your L2 account by October 23. If you have any questions about the document or updating L2, please contact

New 19 Timeline Revised to Single Go-Live Date on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

SWAN Libraries—

Over the past six months, SWAN, LINC, and MAGIC staff have been working together to coordinate the most effective plan for the upcoming migration. While our initial plan (announced in May) was a great starting point, the more we worked on it the more it became apparent two dates would present unnecessary problems. These issues include excessive downtime and disruption for not just the 19 new libraries, but existing SWAN libraries as well. Moving to a single go-live will help minimize those issues.

When bibliographic data is brought into Symphony, the server needs to ingest it and build search indexes. Indexing occurs nightly for LINC, MAGIC, and SWAN with normal activity of new bibs and items being added to the system. When large chunks of data arrive all at once, the time required to index the new records grows, and Workflows reports and processes are affected. To alleviate this, we are choosing to “rip off the band-aid” by performing a full system rebuild that loads all the data and indexes it in one long process with a single period of manageable downtime rather than five or six smaller batches of data that can severely disrupt normal server maintenance over several days. Some of you may recall the issues we experienced during the Lansing and Franklin Park migrations, with long-running data loads cutting into scheduled reports, causing a number of issues. Because of the large amount of data being brought into SWAN, the need for a system rebuild is apparent, and incorporating a full rebuild for two separate go-live dates presents an unnecessary period of planned downtime.

Our main goal is to ensure the libraries in SWAN have minimal disruption in their core services. We hope you all understand the need for flexibility in a project plan, especially a project of this size and complexity. To date, we have completed the RAILS grant application and secured funding for the project. In case you didn’t know, LINC, MAGIC, and SWAN staff are working regularly together at SWAN’s office in Quail Ridge. Look for more announcements in the near future on various special projects and teams related to the New 19.

Sister Libraries Paired Together, Acquisition Libraries Too

The purpose of this program is simple: get to know one another! Throughout the migration, the new 19 libraries will be paired with current SWAN member libraries to have one-on-one sister library relationships. Current and future SWAN libraries will be able to discuss services and products, network, share knowledge and resources, as well as strengthen relationships within the Illinois library community. We believe this is a great opportunity to welcome the new libraries and know that both current and new members have a wealth of knowledge accumulated using SirsiDynix products.

The matched libraries will be announced at the June 1 Quarterly meeting. Matches have been made based on several factors, including software and library experience in certain areas, library size, geography, and those that volunteered. After you’ve found your match, we encourage you to reach out to your sister library contact(s) to discuss if introductions to staff or departments are needed, and perhaps consider library visits. You’re likely working on similar projects or have great insider knowledge about Symphony or Enterprise that you can share.

SWAN is setting aside time at the August 11 SWANstravaganza for the purpose of mingling and getting together as a group to hear how the sharing is going and to meet your new SWAN neighbors. You can learn more about the event and register at

At-a-Glance Migration Timelines

SWAN is already moving along the migration timeline as we look forward to welcoming the New 19 libraries to our membership. Our staff have been collaborating closely with LINC and MAGIC staff for a while now, and each week we make progress on the super detailed timelines we're working off of. While our massive spreadsheets are keeping us on track, they might not be the most helpful if you're looking for a brief overview of where we're at on the migration timeline.

New 19 Migration: Seven Stages of a Successful Migration

"Seven Samurai" film image

The past year was all about shepherding the prospective libraries through the requirements for SWAN membership. We completed that formal process January 31st and kicked off our internal planning on February 2nd.

So, what is going on? Well, right now SWAN is negotiating the migration services with SirsiDynix to complete an agreement. This is an important first step and it will allow us to schedule time with the SirsiDynix project team. SWAN is also making sure other components of our service are ready for the New 19 libraries. We have contracts with EBSCO, Unique Management, and Proquest Syndetic Solutions that require updates in advance of any of the data migration planning.

For the past six months, there have been weekly meetings between the heads of each consortia. These will soon shift to weekly project planning meetings between LINC, MAGIC, and SWAN consortia staff. As plans develop, we will share details on how your library staff will participate at various points throughout the project. Collaboration with the new libraries has already begun, and we’re excited to gain the years of experience the LINC and MAGIC libraries have using SirsiDynix products and services.

As was the case with the Lansing and Franklin Park migrations, we will be staggering the go-live dates for LINC and MAGIC libraries to ensure a smooth transition for all three consortia. Though there is potential for these dates to change, we are expecting MAGIC libraries to officially join SWAN on April 10, 2018 and LINC libraries to officially join SWAN on May 1, 2018.

In this update, we'll be sharing an overview of the Seven Samurai Stages of a Successful Migration—Planning, Surveying, Profiling, Configuring, Data Loading/Testing, Deduplicating, and Training—to give you a sense of the process as a whole.

IT Survey for the NEW 19

Attention Directors of the New 19:

SWAN IT is eager to get to started on our library technology site visits. Before arranging these, however, we need to get just a bit of information from you.

Please click “Read more” below to access the New 19 IT Survey, and have your IT staff submit their responses prior to March 31st

Planned Communications During the New 19 Migration

The New 19 libraries migrating to SWAN will go live in the spring/summer of 2018. Keep up to date with project progress and learn about these new neighbors by signing up for our new bi-weekly newsletter, "New 19." You can subscribe using the sign-up form on the left side of the support website home page:

The New 19 will also be paired with current SWAN member libraries as "Sister Libraries" in order to welcome in the new members and facilitate resource and expertise sharing. If you're a current SWAN member library, you can sign up to be a sister library to one of the New 19 here:

And regular updates will be shared here on our support website, as well as in SWANcom messages and our regular SWAN newsletter, SWANpond. You can learn more about email lists to sign up for here:

If you have any questions throughout the migration process, you can reach out to our Executive Director Aaron Skog at or Susan Ricker, SWAN's Library Relations Specialist, at We welcome your thoughts.