Some Patron Records Missing Street Addresses

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Recently, we received several tickets regarding missing street address info in patron records. Upon further investigation, we determined that a bug in our Enterprise Web Services allowed patrons to update their email addresses while inadvertently clearing the associated street address from their record when saving the changes. Working with SirsiDynix, we were able to correct the Web Services issue. Additionally, we’re currently working on a process to restore the impacted addresses.

As we were unable to identify the specific patrons impacted by the bug, we’ve instead identified all patron records in our database missing a street address. Our process uncovered approximately 1400 records containing only email addresses, although some of these may represent in-house users and test records that would not typically contain address information. Of the 1400, we expect we should be able to restore over 800 and we’ll be adding a note to these patron accounts to remind staff to verify the restored address. These restored accounts, along with the remainder will be identified in a BCA report that the library can then use to follow-up if the remaining accounts are determined to represent valid patrons.

In the next week, we plan to have the street addresses restored, following which we’ll issue an update to this Known Issue with information on retrieving the BCA report.  

We apologize for the inconvenience and wish to extend thanks to the libraries that alerted us to this issue.


For a list of your patron records that were potentially affected by this issue, please run the BLUEcloud Analytics report, List Users with Street Address Note. Select your library, then click "run report."

Tracking Updates: 
July 9, 2020 - 12:00am
The records impacted by the error have been updated with their addresses restored to what we had backed up. We've also added a note to these addresses asking library staff to verify on the next patron visit. Watch this known issue for more information on how to access BCA reports to review...
July 13, 2020 - 12:00am
The BLUEcloud analytics report to review patrons potentially impacted in your library is now available in the Known Issue posting.