User Groups

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Agendas and documents for all SWAN meetings are available in Meetings & Documents.
To assure we have room capacity at all SWAN meetings and events, we ask that you register in advance.

Acquisitions Users

Join us for a lively discussion of SirsiDynix Acquisitions. If you have topics for discussion or a tip to share please let us know. This meeting is primarily for current SirsiDynix Acquisitions libraries, but all are welcome. If you are considering using Acquistions in the future and are curious-feel free to attend this meeting.

2019 Meeting Dates: May 9, Oct. 10

2020 Meeting Dates: Mar 12, Jun 11, Oct 8

Book Club Users

This gathering of SWAN Book Club Users will discuss programming, collection development, circulation practice, holds management, cataloging and all things book club! Creative solutions and methods of meeting demands for book discussion groups will be shared.

2019 Meeting Dates: Nov 6

2020 Meeting Dates: Mar 11, July 8, Nov 11

Cataloging Advisory

This group is a working group assigned with detailed review of data standards and testing of how those standards are applied throughout the consortium. Their work is presented to the entire membership at Cataloging Users meetings. Meetings are restricted to members due to size and logistical constraints in these working sessions.

2019 Meeting Dates: Mar 14, May 9, Aug. 22, Nov. 14

2020 Meeting Dates: Jan 9, Mar 5, May 7, Jul 9, Sept 3, Nov 5

Cataloging Users

Join us for a lively discussion of cataloging practice, including materials handling, serials, and review of cataloging standards. This is an opportunity to learn from colleagues and share effective cataloging techniques.

2020 Meeting Dates: Feb 6, June 4, Oct 1

Circulation Advisory


Circulation Advisory is charged with revising the SWAN Circulation Policy as needed, developing Circulation "Best Practices," trainings, and evaluating the SWAN software and any circulation enhancements. This 11-member committee may also make recommendations regarding Circulation topics to the SWAN Board, upon request. Meetings are held six times a year on the third Wednesday of the month. Committee members are elected to two-year terms on a rotating basis. Meetings are open to the full membership with opportunity for all to contribute during Open Forum.

Circulation Advisory members serve as ambassadors for the membership. They serve as liaisons, bringing concerns, recommendations, and innovative ideas on behalf of the SWAN Membership to SWAN staff and the consortium.


  • Crystal Vela, Consultant, User Experience, SWAN
  • Samantha Dietel, Consultant, Bibliographic Services, SWAN


  • Jeri Cain, Carol Stream Public Library [11/2021]
  • Stephanie DeYoung, Batavia Public Library District [11/2020]
  • Sue Feddersen, Bensenville Community Public Library District [11/2020]
  • Sandra Leyva, Alsip-Merrionette Park Public Library District [11/2021]
  • Victoria Muraiti, River Forest Public Library [11/2021]
  • Cheryl Pawlak, Downers Grove Public Library [11/2020]
  • Debbie Sheehan, Indian Prairie Public Library District [11/2021]
  • Brittany Smith, Westmont Public Library [11/2020]
  • Christine Sporleder, Bloomingdale Public Library [11/2021]
  • Peggy Tomzik, Eisenhower Public Library District [11/2021]
  • Thomas Webb, Matteson Area Public Library District [11/2020]

2020 Meeting Dates: Jan 22, Mar 18, May 20, Jul 15, Sept 16, Nov 18

Circulation Users

Join us for a lively discussion of circulation process, procedures, and software/application use related to circulation functions. This is an opportunity to network with peers and share successes. Participants will provide tips on providing service efficiently and optimizing software.

2019 Meeting Dates: Feb. 20, Apr. 17, June 19, Oct. 16, Dec. 18

2020 Meeting Dates: Feb 19, Apr 15, June 17, Oct 21

Discovery & User Experience Advisory (DUX)

Discovery and User Experience Advisory members collaborate on both patron and staff facing interfaces for searching catalog data. This group is engaged in research activities related to user experience and are active participants in conducting research.

2019 Meeting Dates: Jan. 24, Feb. 28, Mar. 28, Apr. 25, May 23, June 27, July 25, Aug. 22, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 21

2020 Meeting Dates: Jan 23Mar 26May 28,  July 23Sept 24Nov 12

E-Resource Advisory

SWAN E-Resource Advisory works on improving access to e-content, including electronic databases, e-books, e-audiobooks, and streaming content. Advisory members are active participants in usability, testing, and user experience in use of electronic content.

2020 Meeting Dates: Feb 27, Apr 23, June 25, Oct 22

ILL Users

Join SWAN colleagues to review Interlibrary Loan processes, procedures, and best practice.

2019 Meeting Dates: Feb. 13, June 12, Oct. 9

2020 Meeting Dates: Feb 11, June 3, Oct 7

Outreach Users

Join chair, David Kelsey, Outreach Service Librarian from St. Charles Public Library in a quarterly exchange of outreach activities, tips and best practice in using the Symphony Workflows Outreach module, and networking with your colleagues.

2019 Meeting Dates: Jan. 25, Apr. 26, July 26, Nov. 15

2020 Meeting Dates: Jan. 24, Apr. 24, July 24, Oct. 23

Public Services Users

Join SWAN colleagues to share best practice, procedures and effective patron service models to facilitate customer service.

2020 Meeting Dates: Feb 20, May 21, Nov 19

RFID Users

RFID Users share best practices and advice for libraries considering and implementing RFID. In addition, this group will be working on SWAN-wide standards in 2020 to help provide consistent technology solutions.

2019 Meeting Dates: Apr. 25, Oct. 31

2020 Meeting Dates: Apr 23, Oct 22

Serials Users

(2020 - see Cataloging Users.)

2019 Meeting Dates: June 13, Nov. 14

SWAN Annual Event Planning

The SWANx Planning team will meet in January, March, May and July to help plan the SWANx Annual Membership Event. SWANx is held in August.

2020 Dates: Jan 28, Mar 24, May 26, July 28

Technology Users

We encourage all library IT staff and contractors to join. Topics include trends in library Information Technology and IT projects that relate to SWAN.

2019 Meeting Dates: Mar. 21, Sept. 19