User Groups

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Agendas and documents for all SWAN meetings are available in Meetings & Documents.
To assure we have room capacity at all SWAN meetings and events, we ask that you register in advance.

Acquisitions User Group

Open to all library staff who currently use Acquisitions and for those interested. This is an excellent opportunity to network, so come join us for all things Acquisitions.

2019 Meeting Dates: May 9, Oct. 10

Cataloging Advisory Group

Open to those who want to have a more active role in shaping the catalog. This group discusses and makes necessary changes to SWAN’s cataloging standards and procedures.

2019 Meeting Dates: Mar 14, May 9, Aug. 22, Nov. 14

Circulation Advisory Group

This group consists of 11 members elected for two-year terms on a rotating basis. Topics include circulation policy, best practices, and software/enhancements. All library staff are welcome to attend.


  • Sue Feddersen, Bensenville Community Public Library District [11/2019]
  • Cindy Maiello Gluecklich, Melrose Park Public Library [11/2019]
  • Sandra Leyva, Alsip-Merrionette Park Public Library District [11/2019]
  • Julie Lombardo, Woodridge Public Library [11/2019]
  • Victoria Muraiti, River Forest Public Library [11/2019]
  • Cheryl Pawlak, Downers Grove Public Library [11/2020]
  • Debbie Sheehan, Indian Prairie Public Library District [11/2019]
  • Brittany Smith, Westmont Public Library [11/2020]
  • Peggy Tomzik, Eisenhower Public Library District [11/2019]
  • Thomas Webb, Matteson Area Public Library District [11/2020]
  • Stephanie DeYoung, Batavia Public Library District [11/2020]

2019 Meeting Dates: Jan. 16, Mar. 20, May 15, July 17, Sept. 18, Nov. 20

Circulation User Group

Open to all Circulation Managers. This is a wonderful opportunity to network and trade circulation-related tips and tricks. Discussion topics include new policies and best practices.

2019 Meeting Dates: Feb. 20, Apr. 17, June 19, Oct. 16, Dec. 18

Discovery & User Experience Advisory Group (DUX)

Open to all library staff. This group participates in research, testing, and development of User Discovery platforms & tools. Topics include Enterprise configuration, eResource Central, mobile device searching, and EBSCO Discovery Service.

2019 Meeting Dates: Jan. 24, Feb. 28, Mar. 28, Apr. 25, May 23, June 27, July 25, Aug. 22, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 21

ILL User Group

Open to those who want to discuss and learn more about Interlibrary Loan.  Join us to review Interlibrary Loan processes, procedures, and best practice.

2019 Meeting Dates: Feb. 13, June 12, Oct. 9

Outreach User Group

Open to all library staff. A great opportunity to network with colleagues about Outreach. Topics include outreach activities and best practices when using Symphony WorkFlows Outreach.

2019 Meeting Dates: Jan. 25, Apr. 26, July 26, Nov. 15

RFID User Group

We encourage a representative from each RFID library to join. This group brings together RFID libraries so they can share information and experiences. The focus is the standardization of RFID data models and procedures.

2019 Meeting Dates: Apr. 25, Oct. 24

Serials User Group

Open to all library staff who currently use Serials and for those interested. It is a forum for all things Serials and an excellent opportunity for networking.

2019 Meeting Dates: June 13, Nov. 14

SWAN Annual Event Planning Group

If you’ve ever helped plan a conference, or would like to gain experience, we welcome you to join. This group meets in the months leading up to our annual user event SWANx. You'll help plan the day's events, learning sessions, keynote speaker, and theme.

2019 Meeting Dates: Feb. 26, Mar. 20

Technology User Group

We encourage all library IT staff and contractors to join. Topics include trends in library Information Technology and IT projects that relate to SWAN.

2019 Meeting Dates: Mar. 21, Sept. 19