Staff Changes: Onboarding & Offboarding

Last updated Sep 28, 2022 · Maintained by Tara Wood

Follow these steps for staff changes in your library. Managers can complete the onboarding checklist for new staff, or you can fill it out for yourself if you are a new staff member. Someone at your library should complete the offboarding checklist when a staff member leaves the library as soon as possible.


Step 1: Create a Library Learning (L2) account

You will use your Library Learning account to access the SWAN support site, ticketing system, and events.

  1. Follow these instructions to set up your L2 account.
  2. Once you've created your account, log into this page to view and complete the rest of the onboarding checklist.


Step 1: Remove the Library Learning (L2) account

Remove the staff person's L2 account. If you don't have access to update this, contact L2 Help.

Step 2: Contact SWAN

Email us at, and SWAN staff will disable accounts for the staff person.