New Members Policy

Last updated Jan 30, 2019 · Maintained by Aaron Skog

Reviewed and revised by the SWAN Board 10/17/2014.


Any RAILS member library wishing to join the SWAN consortium must agree to abide by all policies and procedures as set forth in the SWAN Participation Agreement. New members must also abide by any state mandates relative to Local Library System Automation Project (LLSAP) members.

Access to SWAN

All new libraries must access SWAN through the Internet by utilizing the Illinois Century Network (ICN) or other Internet service provider (ISP) as approved by the SWAN Executive Director. The library shall purchase a SWAN-approved VPN/Firewall security device, and shall have it configured and installed by SWAN or a contractor approved by SWAN.

Application and approval

The library shall submit a written request to join SWAN to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will present an impact study to the SWAN Board for review. The Board will present its recommendation and pertinent information to the membership for a vote, as specified in the SWAN By-Laws (ARTICLE IX - MEMBERS AND MEMBERSHIP).


  1. SWAN Annual Fees
    The Annual Fee Chart governs the fees paid by libraries.
    1. Payments for the integrated library system licenses and services will begin when purchased from the vendor by SWAN.
    2. Payments for the SWAN Annual Fees will begin when the library goes live on SWAN.
  2. Vendor Fees
    All charges by the vendor associated with implementation of adding the library to SWAN must be paid by the library as invoiced. The SWAN Executive Director will provide cost estimates, which may vary depending on library and SWAN needs.


Training of library staff basic modules is included. If the library requires special training or accelerated training they may choose to use vendor for this training at their direct cost.