Database Management Policy

Last updated Jan 30, 2019 · Maintained by Aaron Skog

Approved by the SWAN Board on 9/13/2013

Integrity of the database is vital to the successful use of the System.

Standard rules of entry

Each Participating Library, while retaining the right to practice whatever individual local policies may be desired, must follow the standardized rules established for uniform entry.

SWAN will monitor entries and enforce corrections or changes as necessary.

Bibliographic records

Brief on-order records may be entered by staff from Participating Libraries. Such staff are required to undergo data entry training from central site SWAN staff, or from staff already trained at Participating Libraries.

Full MARC records may be added to SWAN by libraries so authorized by SWAN. These libraries are designated as “SWAN Cataloging Libraries.” See Requirements for SWAN Cataloging Libraries.

Patron records

It is the exclusive right and obligation of the Full Participants and Enhanced Access Participants at which a patron's card is issued to enter, change, or delete that patron's record in accordance with the rules set forth in the SWAN Circulation Policy

The Illinois Library Records Confidentiality Act applies in all instances.

Right of full participants and file building libraries

A participant library's item records, patron records, and authority records are stored in the System. The Library has the right to have copies of its data excerpted from the database, as well as to receive a copy of the bibliographic, item and authority records owned by the Library in mutually agreed upon electronic or other format, with the appropriate charges to be determined.

Cost for data deletion and retention

A one-time penalty fee of $500 may be charged to any library responsible for any unauthorized actions that corrupt data or deprive access to data for the entire membership, and require the intervention of the ILS vendor to correct the problem.