New Board Member Orientation

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What you need to know as a new member of the board.


  • Conduct Facilities Tour
  • SWAN offices, computer room, and typical Board meeting area(s)
  • Personal introductions, including Board role or relation to Board, between new members and all pertinent staff

Describe the organization

  • Who we serve
  • What we do
  • Brief history of SWAN
  • Overview of organization and member libraries
  • Overview of SWAN services and departments; organizational chart and staff information
  • SWAN’s relationship to RAILS

Provide documents organized in a board member manual

  • List of Board members, and list of Committee memberships
  • Contact information for all Board members, SWAN Executive Director and Office Manager
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Organizational Chart & Staff Contact List
  • Bylaws
  • Policy Manual
  • Location of minutes of Board meetings for the past year (review of SWAN website)
  • Annual Calendar of Activities and Meetings (Website)
  • Current Budget
  • Current Financial Report Chart of Accounts
  • Strategic Plan
  • SWAN Member Library List
  • Governance Groups

Explain and discuss

  • Meeting attendance requirements--both full Board and various committees
  • Committee assignments and charges
  • Clear statement of Board member’s role and relation to Executive Director and SWAN staff
  • Assign “New Member Mentor” – contact for any questions during transition
  • Brief overview and explanation of upcoming significant Board decisions and events

Collect data at the meeting

  • Opportunity for general comments and open-ended questions from new members
  • Request feedback regarding the orientation process – opportunities for improvement?