Governing Committees

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SWAN board and board-appointed committee information.

See our user groups for information on member groups and advisory committees (e.g. the Circulation Advisory Committee).

The SWAN Ambassador Program promoted membership engagement with SWAN through one-on-one relationships between ambassadors and administrators.

SWAN Board Committee. Representatives are appointed when the Board determines the Bylaws require review and/or revision.

An official SWAN Board meeting held as an information sharing meeting for SWAN member library directors & administrators.

The SWAN Board appointed a Fees Committee in 2012 & 2016 to develop an updated fee structure to reflect our new software and the always-changing library world.

SWAN Board committee. Responsible for the oversight of the financial health of SWAN.

This committee was created to make a recommendation on the next integrated library system platform for SWAN.  A final recommendation was presented to the SWAN Board in February 2014.

SWAN Board Committee. Appointed each year prior to the SWAN Board election to ensure candidates self-nominate, following the process outlined in SWAN Bylaws.

SWAN Board Committee. Provides oversight review of compensation and benefits for the employees of SWAN.