Missing & Claims Returned Item Cleanup

Your Shelf Check for MISSTRNSIT and MISSHLDSHLF report for tomorrow (Wednesday, June 16th) will be blank since nothing was checked out to these users in May, 2020. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to instead have you check your shelves for MISSING and CLAIMSRETD items checked out before June 1, 2020, as relating to an ongoing record cleanup project.

The attached report lists any MISSING and CLAIMSRETD items you might find on your shelves. If you find any of these items, use the Fine Free Discharge wizard to check the item in, then follow the instructions on the screen. Any item on the list that you are not able to locate on your shelves will be removed on July 18.

This initial cleanup will allow us to include Missing & Claims Returned items in the monthly removal process. In July, your shelf check report will be named Item Removal Shelf Check and include all items that have a current status of CLAIMSRETD, MISHLDSHF, MISSING, or MISSTRNSIT that were checked out to these users in June, 2020. Those items will be removed in August.