Blocking Options for Fine Free Libraries

As data has shown, patron behavior is consistent regardless of the method used for overdue blocking. Patrons return material on time at a high percentage. Approximately 1% (.86% at 22 days; 1.33% at 15 days) of 522,000+ items checked out were overdue, as reported on June 28, 2021 at our last Fireside Chat.

We want to allow libraries to determine the best patron experience for their community. A poll of Fine Free libraries conducted in April-May, 2021 shows the following preferences:

Fine Free Library: Which of the following blocking conditions does your library prefer? Results Percentage
Block at 14 days, if any item overdue 5 16.6%

Block at 21 days, in any item overdue (used during COVID)

9 30.0%
Block on number of items overdue (patron profile) 4 13.3%
Block on total amount owed in bills (patron profile bill threshold reached) 11 36.6%

These options will be reviewed during your fine free consultation. A review of neighboring library policies will be included to provide a consistent patron experience within your surrounding library community. 

Number of days overdue blocking will remain at 21 days for libraries using that blocking condition. Libraries who wish to block at 14 days instead will have that option. If you have any questions or wish to discuss these options in more detail, please submit a SWAN support ticket. 

See the Fine Free Configuration page for Fine Free details.