Monthly Patron Record Purge - starts October 15th

Last updated Sep 20, 2021 · Maintained by Dawne Tortorella

To protect patron privacy, a list of the records eligible for removal is accessible from your BLUEcloud Analytics library account (e.g. SWANLIBSXYZ). An email is scheduled to arrive in the library's general mailbox ( every 2nd of the month. It will contain a link to the History List report in BLUEcloud Analytics.

  • SWAN public libraries received their monthly review of patron records eligible for removal on September 2nd. These reports contain sensitive patron information.
  • Since removal of records will occur approximately 6 weeks after the patron record appears on the report, keep in mind these records may occur in your reports the following month too. These reports are for review only and do not require action. 
  • Selection criteria, an overview of accessing the report, and processing steps are outlined in the Monthly Patron Record Purge documentation. 

Please note: this monthly automated removal is for public library patron records only. Academic, school, and special libraries review and update their user records based on enrollment and membership.