Aspen is Live!

May 2, 2022 - 1:52pm, by Tara Wood

The Aspen catalog is now live and the Enterprise catalog has been retired.

  • If you still have any links or OPAC computers pointing to the Enterprise catalog, update those now.
  • If you see a 404 page, update the link -- most links could be redirected, but some couldn't be redirected as smoothly as others, and updating the link will resolve any errors.
  • SirsiDynix has temporarily retirected the URL to the consortium Aspen catalog (with the SWAN logo at the top left) -- we don't have a timeline on how long this redirect will be available, so its best to update any links you see redirecting to the consortium Aspen catalog as soon as possible.

Thank you for all of your work getting Aspen ready for patrons!