BLUEcloud Staff 22.04.00 Release

June 30, 2022 - 9:06am, by Crystal Vela

The BLUEcloud Staff 22.04.00 release is now live. This release included some updates for BLUEcloud Circulation. 

  • Style update for two patron alert modals
    • Two alert modals in BLUEcloud Circulation have been updated to match the BLUEcloud style. The updated modals are the patron alert modal that displays when you first navigate to a patron and the checkout alert modal that displays when you begin the checkout process.
      June 2022 release_001.png
  • OK button renamed to "Acknowledge" in patron alert modals
    • In BLUEcloud Circulation, the "OK" button on alert modals has been changed to "Acknowledge". This clarifies the function of the button and how it is different than "Close": "Acknowledge" closes the alert and prevents it from displaying again while "Close" simply closes the alert. Acknowledging an alert allows for faster circulation by preventing the same alert from displaying multiple times. Acknowledged alerts will reset and begin to display again when a new patron is retrieved.
      June 2022 release_002.png
  • Check for duplicate patrons when registering new users
    • Staff can now check for duplicate patrons when registering new users in BLUEcloud Circulation. Checking for duplicates allows staff to search the patron database for matching patron records, which helps prevent creating new records for patrons that already have a patron record.
      June 2022 release_003.png