BLUEcloud Central 22.05.00 Release

September 8, 2022 - 1:14pm, by Crystal Vela

The BLUEcloud Central 22.05.00 release is now live. This release included an update for BLUEcloud Circulation as well as a shortcut to easily search for a page by name. MobileStaff is also considered part of the BLUEcloud staff suite. 

  • Mark Claimed Returned 
    • Circulation staff can now use the mark and item Claimed Returned for a patron in BLUEcloud Circulation. Withing the patron checkouts the 3 vertical dot icon will have the Mark Claimed Returned option. Then you select the date the patron said they returned the item and Save. The Claimed Returned count will increment and display within the patron record. 
      BLUEcloud Circ Claim Retd 001.pngBLUEcloud Circ Claim Retd 002.png
  • Searching BLUEcloud Menus 
    • You can now search for a page by name and go directly to it. You can either click on the Search Icon or use the keyboard shortcut Ctl+Shift+F and type the name of the page into the search bar.
      BLUEcloud Circ Searching Menus 001.png
  • MobileStaff - Search By preference now persists
    • When searching patrons via User Search, select the search field in the Search By dropdown menu. The preference selected will persist after logging out.